The apartments at Antigua Village are set with 5 acres of well manicured colourful tropical gardens. As you take a stroll around the grounds you will be able to admire a myriad of tropical flowers and various fruit trees. Antigua Village has become famous for the number of varieties of Bougainvillea that can be found, large colourful bushes or red, purple, pink or orange flowers are dotted around the gardens. These plants love the warm weather and the sunshine and thrive at the Village. You will also find many varieties of Hibiscus and Ixora adding colour everywhere you turn. As the seasons come and go so does the fruit on the host of fruit trees around the Village. In the summer mangoes abound on the larger trees followed in the fall by avocados. As you walk along the alleyways you will also spot pomegranate on the small bushes, sugar apple and soursop on small trees and bananas hidden amongst the large leaves. Leonard and the team of gardeners toil tirelessly to prune the grounds and keep the flower beds tidy. Take a walk and look around the nursery where the team is continually propagating new plants to ensure that the Village is always looking its best.