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Antigua is famous for its beaches.  There are 365 of them – one for every day of the year.  We have selected some of our favourites and list these for you.  We are lucky that our number one choice is our very own beach Dickenson Bay.

Dickenson BayAlmost at the top of the island, ANTIGUA VILLAGE BEACH RESORT  is located on this most well-known beach - a striking half mile stretch of ‘Caribbean’ sea and sand. As the sun rises, you can enjoy a quiet walk along the seashore and at sundown it’s a great place for a romantic stroll and a happy hour cocktail. And during the day, swimming, snorkeling, diving, horseback riding or just relaxing and reading .
Runaway BeachJust around the corner, to the south and adjacent to Dickenson Bay, past Corbisson Point. A fine bay with gently sloping sand into the safe, cool waters. Ideal for families and children. .
Fort Bay, Fort James Continuing southward, to the western side of the mouth to St. John’s Harbour. The closest to town, Antiguans favours this long beach, named for King James II, who reigned at the time the fort was built.
Deep Bay, Five Islands Through town, out onto the road skirting the harbour and the peninsula will eventually bring you to The Royal Antiguan Hotel. The building is not typically Caribbean, but the beach beyond definitely is. The fortunate part of progress is that you can now drive, park and walk to enjoy this excellent beach, with beach bar and amenities.
Galley Bay A peaceful ribbon of beach, well known among surfers for the excellent wave breaks which build around the point during the winter months. Such westward facing beaches can become quite rough if groundswells are running, but when not to swim is quite obvious.
Hawksbill Beach Further on round the Five Island peninsula. The Hawksbill main beach, in front of the hotel complex, offers the advantage of a poolside bar and restaurant. A stretch away, are their other three crescent-shaped beaches, becoming by human nature, progressively quieter and less formal, to the point of clothing optional on the fourth and last beach, with its fine sand and coral reefs perfect for snorkelling out to Hawkshead rock.
Jolly Beach The sign posted public beach access is just after the main entrance of the Jolly Beach Hotel. It is one of the loveliest, longest white sand sweeps of beach on the island with safe bathing. Next door is the marina complex – a good interlude on your trip around the island.
Ffryes Beach Very popular with locals and visitors alike, this is a long, sweeping bay backed by a deep grassy, sandy area, well shaded and perfect for barbeques, games and offering plenty of parking space. Accessed by a prominent track, with landmark sugar mill, off the main road just before Darkwood Beach.
Darkwood Beach Another fabulous and very scenic beach. By the roadside on this southwestern section of the coast, it is an island and tourist favourite and certainly one of the most photographed beaches in the Caribbean. Still unspoilt, with Montserrat in the distance its picturesque multi-hued waters have the barest touch of caressing surf.
Turner’s Beach And Johnson’s Point Continuing on, the road curves and you come to the long stretch of spectacular white sand beaches of Crab Hill Bay. Not all readily accessible you can still find spots where you can drive down to the serenely empty expanses, also with fine views of Montserrat. Enjoy Turner’s Beach Bar and Grill, or O J’s Beach Café.
Carlisle Bay Just at the beginning of the lush, tropical rainforest drive of Fig Tree Drive. A very glamorous, uncluttered wide sweep of bay with just small local dwellings nearby and a hotel behind. Perfect as a film set, for a TV commercial or a swimwear fashion shoot.
Pigeon Beach When sightseeing around the English Harbour area, you may enjoy a trip to this ribbon of beach, often quiet, sometimes busy in season. At Falmouth Harbour, take the road behind the Antigua Yacht Club, pass Falmouth Beach Apartments and take the short uphill dirt track road, turn sharply left on the bend, drive down the hill and around to the right. Gentle graduating waters, as well as a good beach bar, await you.
Galleon Beach En route to Shirley Heights, past Clarence House, a steep road to the right takes you to the beach of the Inn at English Harbour and Galleon Beach Club. A nautical air pervades with yachts at anchor in the bay. Galleon is a beautifully maintained property with lawns leading onto the palm fringed beach and offers the convenient facilities of a first class Italian restaurant and great bar.
Half Moon Bay Despite its popularity, it is too large to ever be overcrowded. The majority of this striking crescent shaped bay as left in its natural state, to be explored to the fullest. In the centre of the beach, on all but the quietest of days, the waves roll in providing excellent body surfing. To the eastern end the sea is quieter, safer for small children and pleasant for snorkelling amid underwater crevices of rock and coral. The Half Moon Bay National Park, as it is officially named, is perfect to lie in the sun, take a walk, frolic in the ocean of play beach cricket, frisbee or volleyball. There is plenty of room!
Brown’s Bay And Green Island A perfect break in your journey. A small beach here with nearby Harmony Hall, which is most suitable for all the family with its gift shop, art gallery, swimming pool, grassy slopes, bar and excellent outdoor dining overlooking the splendid Nonsuch Bay. This one stop sojourn also offers short boat rides from its tiny beach and jetty to uninhabited Green Island with its wonderful beaches and terrific swimming conditions.
Long Bay Sitting at the end of the road, if you head through Willikies and beyond, passing Devil’s Bridge to your right. Long Bay enjoys still waters and superb bathing. Just a short swim to the reef, to which the bay owes it protection, will give some fine snorkelling. A good beach for families with young children, it is well worth packing a picnic.

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