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Taxis Taxis are readily available throughout Antigua and Antigua Village has allocated a wonderful group of drivers. The government fixes taxi rates and it is wise to establish both the amount and the currency before setting off. Any of these knowledgeable drivers would be only too pleased to escort you on short or long tours to sightsee and entertain with their local tales and folklore. If being dropped off a restaurant, don’t forget to arrange in advance for return transportation.
Car Rental If you are a driver and staying for more than a day or two, renting a car or jeep is definitely recommended. Antigua’s uncongested roads will soon become familiar; ask the car rental company for a copy of the full colour, easy to read Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Map. This map not only gives a good guide of St. John’s, with the one-way system and all points of interest, but a comprehensive island map, which you would probably need as the island doesn’t have too many road signs. This map notes all the hotels, major sightseeing spots, gas stations and even offers three fully marked sightseeing routes to make it as hassle-free as possible! Remember, keep to the left!
Parking restrictions do exist in the capital, but they should not present problems, especially if you are prepared to park a short walk from the main centre. Many well known international and local car rental companies are available offering a variety of automobiles, air-conditioned cars and jeep-type four wheel drive vehicles  Naturally, rates differ with size and type of vehicle and with the time of year. A local temporary 90 day driving licence is required by law. Easily obtained upon presentation of your own valid driving licence and a small fee.