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Antigua offers some superb shopping opportunities. There are lots of high quality locally produced souvenirs, but additionally there are some excellent retailers of International repute on the island. The main shopping opportunities are in St. Johns particularly clustered around Redcliffe and Heritage Quays. There is the added advantage that many shops are able to offer their merchandise to visitors free of duty.

There are many supermarkets in Antigua, the larger ones offering all of the products that you would find at larger similar establishments in North America or Europe. There are 2 large supermarkets which are just a short drive from Antigua Village:  First Choice  stocks a good variety, including fresh fish, meats, bread and vegetables.  The Epicurian is a very large supermarket which stocks many international brands; fresh fish, meat, breads of all varieties, local and international vegetables, plus many frozen products and a pharmacy too!  At Antigua Village we have a small shop which stocks your basic needs, and a local lady visits us reguarly with fresh local fruits & vegetables